The Mountain Institute India

The Mountain Institute lndia is registered as a charitable trust in New Delhi. The Mountain Institute entered in Sikkim way back in 1996 which was later on registered as TMI lndia in 2006. lt is a part of the TMI that is committed to work to conserve the world's high priority mountain ecosystems, improve the livelihoods of mountain people, and increase awareness for mountain issues through research, advocacy, education, and outreach. Currently, it is involved in community-based conservation programs in the Eastern Himalayan region, partnering with local people to strengthen their communities and to conserve natural resources and cultural heritage. TMI India has conceived three broad programmes viz., (1) Ecosystem services, (2) Biodiversity and Environmental Change, and (3) Livelihoods of Mountain Communities and their Cultures. As a mountain based organization, TMI lndia with the local and indigenous communities seeks to develop and provide innovative solutions, in cooperation with a numerous regional and international partners, national and local partners, which foster action and change for overcoming mountain people's economic, social and physical vulnerability.

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